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New estimates available for health insurance gaps

Posted 8/8/2012

Large numbers of Americans continue to experience gaps in health coverage, even during times of economic growth, according to a new Commonwealth Fund-supported study [] published online by Medical Care Research and Review. Researchers led by Pamela Farley Short of Penn State University found that some 89 million people ages 4 to 64 were uninsured for at least one month from 2004 to 2007, a period of relative economic prosperity. In fact, 23 million children and adults lost health insurance more than once. The Congressional Budget Office projects that the Affordable Care Act's health insurance expansions will reduce the number of uninsured Americans from 60  million to 30 million people by 2022. The new analysis, the authors say, will inform implementation of the law as well as establish a baseline to help policymakers evaluate the effects of reform on coverage stability for those newly insured.





 New Estimates of Gaps and Transitions in Health Insurance

 Pamela Farley Short, Ph.D., Deborah R. Graefe, Ph.D., Katherine Swartz, Ph.D., and Namrata Uberoi, M.P.H.

 August 3, 2012

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