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New film explores kids with behavioral, emotional disorders

Posted 7/25/2012

New Film Explores Students With Emotional, Behavioral Disabilities

KelseyChart_400.jpgWhen Kelsey Carroll gets mad, she says, "I don't think. I just do." She's a self-proclaimed "bitch" who says she's into safety pins, piercings, and tattoos (she has at least five). Life isn't "Barbies and glitter."

The reaction of one of the teachers at her high school: "I don't want that kid in my class."

Kelsey's struggles with her ADHD, her anger, and graduating high school—after five years—are the subject of a new documentary, "Who Cares About Kelsey?" which was screened this week at a federal Education Department special education conference.

The movie, by Dan Habib, the filmmaker in residence at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire, is intended to show one approach to working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Of students with disabilities, students with emotional and behavioral disorders are among the least likely to graduate high school.

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